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From the hotel it will not be difficult to visit the pretty town of Anzio, rich in history and culture. Stroll on the characteristic harbor, or entertain yourself in the pleasant Villa Adele where you can also enjoy theater performances on warm summer evenings. Every day ferries and hydrofoils leave from the port, making it possible to visit the Ponziane islands, an excursion not to be missed for all seabed enthusiasts considered among the most beautiful and rich in Italy.

Entertainment, evenings, harmonics

At Anzio you can visit the walls of the ancient Villa Neroniana adjacent to the splendid lighthouse still working, as well as the casino of Anzio where you can spend pleasant evenings of music, theater and entertainment. Not secondary the town of Nettuno and its Borgo Antico the modern port environment ideal for those who combine the pleasure of shopping with the pleasure of shopping. To visit for the historical part the Sanctuary and the House of Santa Maria Goretti. The ZOOMARINE of very recent inauguration will be the largest aquatic natural park in Europe.

Availability, curiosity, sea

The hotel Sirenetta also recommends some naturalistic destinations such as: Tor Caldara Natural Park (reachable on foot), Torre Astura, Ninfa. Do not forget that the Sirenetta hotel is just 40 km from Rome which can be reached every day with a convenient train service with hourly departures.

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Contact us for our offers. Whether you are a cup, a family, a group of friends, our structure offers you plenty of space and a private beach with a comfortable restaurant where you can enjoy the best holidays a few steps from Rome in a comfortable and facilitated way

What See

Riserva Naturale di Tor Caldara

in this natural reserve is joined the naturalistic part, with different plants of the Mediterranean, local animal and a source of sulphurous water, and the historical part one of the sighting towers that stood on the coast for the Saracen raids. it is placed on a promontory where a magnificent view makes one savor particular aromas and sensations. a visit not very long but intense

Porto di Anzio

Anzio is in history, its port, the center, the villa of Nero ... It was the scene of the Second World War with violent clashes, the streets of the center are full of life in the evening, the square is filled in summer in front of port. In short, it is worth visiting if you have time visiting Rome, Anzio deserves a visit. The Romans can not not know it !!!

Museo dello sbarco di Anzio

The Museum, inaugurated on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the landing of Anzio on 22 January 1994, is located in one of the rooms of the seventeenth-century Villa Adele, a few steps from the train station and the city center. The windows are very well looked after even if the cramped space does not lend itself to very numerous visits

Monumento a Nerone

It is located in the square surrounding the "Villa di Nerone" on the beach. The square is clean in the part of the walks, in the gardens, the benches, the setting is really enchanting, and the terrace on the beach is an ideal place for a winter walk and for taking pictures

Parco di Villa Adele

Initially only the seat of some public offices, it was completely restored and transformed into a park in the beautification project of the entire city of Anzio. Result: a flagship of this wonderful town, founded before Rome and capital of the Volsci people until it was integrated into the Roman kingdom after several wars. Currently in the villa there are two museums and an open theater where several shows are performed in summer. During the day you can warm up your heart and mind by walking through its paths or resting on a bench to breathe in a charming air, enjoying the view from the wonderful and flowery garden.

Parco Vallo Volsco

Finally the Volsco vault park has been reopened. Thanks to the district committee, one of the most important finds in the history of Anzio has returned to the citizenship. a site to go absolutely to visit, also asking for information on the pro site of Anzio. you can still see today the Caves served as dwellings by the Volsco people of which Anzio was the capital.

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